CBD and Appetite

Allan Frankel, MD, is pursuing two goals that he sees as related —large-scale production of standardized CBD-rich tinctures, and a “Statewide Collective” that will arrange for non-profit distribution. Frankel has also been conducting an “n-of-1″ trial to test the effect of CBD on appetite.

“Just as THC increases our appetite, as in the munchies,” says Frankel, “CBD suppresses our appetite. Personally, I wanted to lose a few pounds so I’ve started using CBD cookies made by the nurse at Statewide Collective. They each have 1 cc of a 13mg/6mg CBD/THC preparation which I take in the a.m. I’ve also made a tincture by placing the same dose in a 12-ounce bottle of water. Both effectively kill my appetite nearly completely for four to six hours, and moderately for 24 hours.”

Frankel, adds, “There is one huge exception to the rule that CBD suppresses appetite —but it’s a blessing, not a problem. There are many people who have difficulty eating due to a high-anxiety state –head spinning. For these patients, when their anxiety and that vague, sick feeling in their chest goes away following CBD administration, their appetite soon increases and their anxiety pretty much vanishes.

“THC is the better appetite stimulant for Cancer and HIV patients, in general; but physicians must ask in detail about the appetite issue as well as the patient’s emotional state before recommending which cannabinoid should predominate in their medication.

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