Omrita Rx3

February 15, 2011- Miguel A. acquired 10 seeds of a strain called Rx from the Vancouver Island Seed Company in late 2009. The VISC catalog described Rx as their “favorite medicinal variety” —a double Indica cross of Romulan Joe with Fucking Incredible. Miguel, 38, lives with severe chronic back pain from a sports injury and has a re-curring fracture in his lower lumbar (L4) vertebrae. He uses the Rx strain for pain management “along with a regimen of traditional Ayurvedic medical practices that include Hatha Yoga, diet, herbs, energy/body work, and meditation.” The most prominent feature in the living room of his East Bay bungalow is a massage table on which he receives regular therapy. And he still plays soccer!

Of the 10 original Rx seeds Miguel planted, he says, “Only three of the RX seeds germinated, which resulted in two females and one male. The females were robust, colorful, and covered with resin so I brought some to Harborside where Rachael decided to give the Rx chance. When the test results came back from Steep Hill Lab, I learned about CBD for the first time. That’s when I decided to do my own N-of-1 trial by only strictly medicating with the Rx, and nothing else, for a 7-day period.

“Three days into my trial the differences of high CBD medication began to jump out at me. Most noticeable was the lack of a ‘crashing’ sensation and the fatigue that I feel when I medicate with a high THC variety, especially first thing in the morning when I am starting my day. I experienced very mild psychoactivity for about 20-30 minutes, followed by a sense of extreme clarity. And I was still experiencing ALL of the pain relief that I had become accustomed to with high a THC variety. Since then I have found that I am able to be more functional and productive throughout the day by medicating with a CBD-rich variety and saving the THC varieties for the evening.” !

Miquel renamed the strain to emphasize its medical value, adding the Sanskrit word Omrita, which means nectar. He acknowledges that the strain “was the result of someone else’s work and any recognition should be directed back to the original breeders at VISC for their incredible creation.” !

Over the past year cuttings grown out from his original two Rx females have consistently tested at 9-12% CBD and 5-7% THC with Steep Hill Lab, CW Analytical, and Botanical Analysis.

Update on Omrita Rx3– CBD-Rich Offspring on the Rise

October 21, 2011- Miguel A., cultivator of Omrita Rx3, released clones of his strain to a handful of California collectives in August of this year, including WAMM and Harborside. The grower cracked 150 of the original strain backcross, 50 of which differentiated into females. All plants were grown indoors without direct light. For his analytical testing laboratory, Miguel tapped California Botanicals, providing 50 Omrita plant samples in April 2011, to be tested for cannabinoid content by HPLC.

Of the 50 Omrita Rx3 samples:

7 plants – CBD-rich (<1% THC) = 14%
18 plants – High THC (<1% CBD) = 6%
10 plants – 1:1 ratio CBD/THC = 20%
15 plants – 2:1 CBD/THC ratio = 30%

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Even when a strain is stabilized, there is a varying cannabinoid profile in each seed. Not every seed of a “CBD-rich strain” will produce a CBD-rich offspring, just as not every seed of a “THC-rich strain” will produce THC-rich offspring. These latest results of the Omrita samples show that fully 64% of these plants yielded CBD-rich offspring. This is significantly higher than the 1-in-4 estimate that other CBD-rich strains have been proven to currently produce. This finding represents strong evidence that those genetic breeding programs specifically targeting higher CBD content (such as of Miguel A’s) may indeed increase the likelihood of producing CBD-rich offspring.